We are 4 Siblings who keep trying for better products.

We made these with the devotion of our
mother, who raised the 4 siblings...

4 Siblings Country Doenjang is a company located in Kumma, Iksan, Jeollabuk-do Province,
which continues to carry on the legacy of traditional Korean sauce, jang,
which is mainstay of Korean traditional cuisine.

Country Doenjang Jar
4 Siblings Country Doenjang

Organic Soybean Field

The flower language of the soybean is ‘Happiness which will ever come someday.’
4 Siblings are cultivating their happiness in organic soybean fields.

4 Siblings soybean field
that we finally met after a year's wandering!
It was dark under the lamp.

With 4 Siblings in an organic soybean field

Organic Soybean Field that is
4 Siblings Healthy Treasure Warehouse

Fortunately, we have a lot of fruit this year.

Organic farming is a war against weed and insects.

Defeat your enemies with eco-friendly farming techniques.

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